Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fail Blog?

I've been mulling over re-doing my blog, since I completely ran out of ideas for it...

So now it's going to be a random experiment in randomness until I can come up with something I like. It'll probably just be a continued experiment in randomness. I guess I'm ok with that.

And for now it's pretty much just gonna be documenting how I'm trying to grow up and relocate, along with lessons learned along the way. The love of my life and I both have known we wanted to move to Colorado by the Rocky Mountains pretty much since we started dating. He's been a long-time Broncos fan, and I fell in love with the area when I was 16 and went to visit family. My family out there is excited, so am I. We all love each other so much, the move will be refreshing and we'll all get to chill together more than once every 4 years. That, and the area is nowhere near a polluted as the Joliet, IL area... just saying. It smells WAY better in Denver.

I'm applying for jobs out there. Guess we'll see what happens. I'm super excited!

Add: An adult-y thing I figured out recently-- If you let your sink get full beyond capacity with yuckies (dishes) and can't soak anything because you can't reach the drain to plug it, fill pots and pans with warm soapy water and soak a few dishes in each of those. They can wait on the counter or stove while you wash what's in the sink. If I find my camera, I'll post pictures for you visual people.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On Overtime and Oatmeal

Overtime and I have a love-hate relationship. I'm sure many of you out there understand completely, wanting the money, but very much not wanting to continue to bust your ass for it any more than you would on a normal shift. I haven't posted like I have been wanting to because I've worked so much over the last week and a half. Buuuut... I did a little documenting of my food adventures. As it would turn out, I did have oatmeal I needed to use up. Didn't discover this until the last leg of my overtime kick, but that's alright, I think it's enough for an amusing blog. 

OK! Enough of the boring stuff! On to the oatmeal!

Here it is, doing its oatmeal thing... just sitting there. Being oatmeal. Anyway, you can see I have a lot of it to use, since the use by date is soon. Not too close that I'm panicking, but I figure I should get on this before I do. So... what do you do with oatmeal? How about make a bowl of it?

Sammy wanted to help!

Add oatmeal and water to a bowl. Read the directions on the packaging for optimum oat to water ratio. Then heat it up.

Here's a bowl, all heated up. I added butter and sugar. Yum, right? No? How about bananas?

This is a quick and easy breakfast. It's really sweet, too, even without sugar. I imagine little kids would love it for being so sweet. Come to think of it, this is probably a good snack to teach young kids how to make. It's safe, since bananas can be cut up with a spoon. I've also found that this is an easy thing to get dogs to eat if their appetite isn't what it should be. 

Not into bananas? How about this?

Make your own apple cinnamon! We've all seen those instant oatmeal packets with their flavors, but this is better! I promise. Just make the oatmeal, add cinnamon, and cut up an apple and stir the pieces in. I have found that this, also, is a good thing to get a dog to eat. Since the apple I used was too big for this, I gave the extra slices to the dogs. They were happy! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don't Neglect Your Rice!

I found rice that was still good in the back of my fridge. Better use it!

Here's the rice:
Yay, it's still edible!

One of the simplest solutions to the extra rice issue is usually delivered with it when you get Chinese food.

Add any of the sauces it comes with! Duck sauce, soy sauce, sweet and sour sauce, whatever you're given with it, use it! This is an easy piece to just toss in a lunch for tomorrow, or eat as a quick snack when you get home.

Generally, though, those sauces are a little harsh for my tastes. So, I present you with something my mom has made me for years!

It's just rice with milk and sugar added. A sweet treat!

Enjoy your rice! I know I will.

I Love Saving Money More Than I Hate Cooking

I hate cooking. One day, when I win the lottery, I will never cook again. One day I will be paying others to cook for me.

That's one day. Today I'm broke. Today I have sour cream, milk, and old grapes in my fridge. My pantry has more, thankfully, so I should be able to make it to payday. But looking at the old grapes got me thinking... there's a lot of leftovers in my life. A lot of food that just sits and goes bad, turns into garbage, ends up in the dump. What a waste! I could be using that food! So... in an attempt to straighten out my eating habits and money situation, I blog. I'm gonna figure out new ways to use these foods. I'm putting my garbage on the menu.

Also, I figure while I'm at it, I'll let everyone know all the practical, adult-y things I learn along the way, since 5 years of adulthood apparently isn't enough to get it all figured out.

OK Internet, I'm gonna go do something with those grapes and I'll let ya's know what I figured out!