Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Love Saving Money More Than I Hate Cooking

I hate cooking. One day, when I win the lottery, I will never cook again. One day I will be paying others to cook for me.

That's one day. Today I'm broke. Today I have sour cream, milk, and old grapes in my fridge. My pantry has more, thankfully, so I should be able to make it to payday. But looking at the old grapes got me thinking... there's a lot of leftovers in my life. A lot of food that just sits and goes bad, turns into garbage, ends up in the dump. What a waste! I could be using that food! So... in an attempt to straighten out my eating habits and money situation, I blog. I'm gonna figure out new ways to use these foods. I'm putting my garbage on the menu.

Also, I figure while I'm at it, I'll let everyone know all the practical, adult-y things I learn along the way, since 5 years of adulthood apparently isn't enough to get it all figured out.

OK Internet, I'm gonna go do something with those grapes and I'll let ya's know what I figured out!

OK I'm back, and after working out my busy busy schedule of watching Netflix and playing with my dogs, I was able to get around to my project. Turns out using grapes is easy. I'm gonna try to use foods that everyone has, but I can't be in everyone's pantries so I'm doing the best I can. OK! On to my idea!

1. Start with a can of pears.

2. Use what grapes are left that are good.

3. Combine them both in a bowl. (optional: add vodka if you're so inclined and of drinking age)

Viola! You have yourself a fruit salad and a delicious snack!

For the fun of it, I tried to get a good action shot of myself enjoying this delicious fruit salad (yeah, I added the vodka), but my dogs were begging so any shot I tried to get was blurry from Osiris "accidentally" bumping into me.

Here it is anyway with Pixi's adorable mug.

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